“I, Me, and Mine” – Use Implied First Person When Writing Your Resume

While writing their resumes, most job candidates are stumped when it comes to which tense to use. Professional Association of Resume Writer’s “Best Practices” recommend using “implied first person”. Implied first person is a writing tense almost exclusively geared toward resume writing. There are many reasons to use implied first person instead of first- or third-person tenses. Your resume is a professional document, not a novel nor a blog. Also, space is saved by removing “I, Me, and Mine” creating more room for pertinent information. Although you shouldn’t use “I” in your resume, you should still use first-person verb form. The tense used should be timely. Therefore, if the action is occurring in the present, write in present-tense. If it occurred in the past, write in past-tense, even if it is at the job you currently hold. For instance, “Energetic and detail-oriented Business Development Manager with 6+ years’ cultivating and maintaining client relationships” instead of “I was an energetic and detailed Business Development Manager who has more than 6 years of cultivating and maintaining client relationships.”

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